ICU Facilities

Times Hospital, Tezpur has an ICU and HDU designed as per the NABH recommendation. Presently the 5 bedded HDU and the 7 bedded ICU has a 1:1 nurse patient ratio, with sophisticated patient monitors Nihon Kohden and Schiller, advanced mechanical ventilation from global leader Maquet, along with non-invasive ventilation. The team of dedicated personal with the intensivists will provide state of the art patient care to all patients including the very sick and trauma victims, round the clock. There is a 24 hours Radiology department, Pathology and Pharmacy backup. The ICU has a modern air handling unit and will be under the strict vigil of the hospital infection control team lead by the microbiologist. The ICU has an ABG machine support and will attempt for all round patient care by providing bed sore preventing mattress and DVT preventing equipments. For the critically ill patient there is an isolation bed with air exchange through positive and negative pressures. The well lit ICU / HDU has glass windows for natural lighting to prevent ICU disorientation.